With Marinox® we created a product range which perfectly fits your needs and the needs of your family.

Our mission is to provide you with the best product and a secure choice.

To meet these high requirements, all Marinox® products are manufactured and monitored exclusively in Germany,  according to stringent regulations.

They are manufactured not only according to HACCP practices for food supplements but also according to the guidelines for pharmaceutical products (e.g. GMP and DIN ISO 9001).

Our compositions correspond to the German Nutrition Association (DGE) references and comply with the European guidelines (RDA), which is claimed on every package.





The positive effects of micronutrients on our organism have been known to us for more than 10 years now. The major stimulus came from a business trip to the USA in the 1990’s where food supplements, products which at that time were still foreign to the European consumer, were widely available in drug stores and supermarkets. Still, the food supplement industry was still in its infancy and compositions, effects, and formulas were not as multifarious as they are today.

Back in Germany smoldered the thought of a product, which would first of all fits the regional needs and symptoms of nutrient deficiencies. In the next step, the product should offer the  best composition of vitamins and minerals and fulfills the highest safety and quality standards.

However, it would still take years, before we brought together the most optimal  expertise in development and production to finally be able to manufacture the best Marinox® products for you.

Today’s products are manufactured according to thies guideline:


“Marinox means quality leadership - the finest composition blends of the most trustworthy raw materials, which bring about the most beneficial effects on our customers.”





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